PrestaShop or NewOxatis

What is the most suitable solution for your e-commerce project?

Are you exploring the different alternatives available for creating an online store, and faced with the multitude of existing solutions, do you want things to be a little clearer before making your decision?! You are not alone in searching for NewOxatis vs PrestaShop advice…

On one hand, PrestaShop appeals to you.

The name almost always comes up when we talk about creating a site (even your neighbour told you that his sister-in-law’s son had made his site for him for free on PrestaShop). The strengths? It’s free, customisable and what’s more, it’s a tool used by several hundreds of thousands of online stores.

On the other hand, NewOxatis also appeals to you.

Firstly because it is a 100% French e-commerce platform that doesn’t require an engineering degree to use it (i.e. no technical skills are required). The strengths? A site that is always available without any technical problems, hundreds of features that can be directly activated in the administrative interface and unique support on the market (SEO, design, marketing, etc.).

The 4 strengths of NewOxatis (vs. PrestaShop)

clear and transparent rate

Transparent rates and fixed fees

Everything is included in the subscription: site, mobile version, hosting, maintenance, functional upgrades, technical support etc.

no technical constraints

No technical constraints

NewOxatis takes care of all the technical aspects: hosting, functional upgrades, data security etc.

a publisher as an agency

An agency-like publisher

You have a site, a mobile version and teams to optimise your design, your SEO, your email campaigns etc.

native and powerful features

Extremely powerful, already installed features

You can activate/deactivate the +650 features directly from the back office.

12 criteria for choosing the right e-commerce platform.

Which solution will meet my ambitions and support me in growing my online business?

Filter the essential criteria for your e-commerce project to succeed

Packages & Rates
Product distribution
Selling to businesses (B2B)
Conversion & retention
Payment & delivery
Back office

Packages & Rates

A comprehensive package and appropriate rate for my project


The solution is for developers/agencies/technicians. Once the software is downloaded for free, you have access to several thousand features including native (around 300) and paid (most of them) features. To create a site on PrestaShop keep in mind that adding additional modules is a compulsory step. You select, buy, and then configure those that match your needs. At the same time, you manage the technical aspects of the site yourself, i.e. hosting, maintenance and updates.

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The solution is for merchants since the NewOxatis teams handle the technical aspects. Everything is included in the subscription you choose: a site, a mobile version, more than 650 native features, hosting, maintenance, security, functional upgrades of the tool, etc. There is no need to be a developer to launch your site. You have all the tools to manage your business independently, right from the start. Mobile version, marketing tools, distributing your product catalogue on comparators and marketplaces, B2B features etc., you activate the features free of charge from your back office (i.e. your workspace).


Complete support (SEO, design, marketing etc.)

Support and advice are fundamental to make your e-commerce project a reality and achieve your objectives. Whether you are a business executive, store manager or e-commerce manager, your job is not to develop, design or list your site pages.
So it is essential for you to get quick and concrete answers and to benefit from support, which is tailored to your needs, throughout your site’s lifespan.

How does this happen in both e-commerce solutions?


You have documentation and FAQs available for free online.
Do you need personalised technical assistance?
There is a charge for this, whether it’s by email or by phone or Live Chat. The PrestaShop community is as active as it is huge! Numerous blogs and forums will help you solve technical problems related to the installation and maintenance of your site. Do you want to ask a professional to take care of managing your SEO campaigns or your new design?
You would need to call an external provider, agency or freelancer.


Here you also have documentation and FAQs available for free online (as a matter of fact you can access them without purchasing the solution).

The major differences with PrestaShop?
check_boxTechnical support answers all your questions related to the daily use of the software’s features.
check_boxAn account manager, an e-commerce expert, is also available to reflect with you on the development areas of your e-commerce strategy.
check_boxDo you need specific support? You can take advantage of NewOxatis’ complete business experience and its teams’ expertise in design, SEO, project management, bespoke development etc.


A professional and scalable design

Design is often the main concern for e-merchants, whether they are newcomers or not. You want it to have the “wow” factor and immediately make your visitors want to buy.

Usually you have identified the e-commerce sites that inspire you. What e-commerce solution was used to make the site? You can ask the merchant directly and discuss their experience. Discuss with your colleagues, they will always have good advice.

PrestaShop and NewOxatis offer quality design libraries to enable their users to discover their site’s identity. Design templates are generally linked to business sectors, which makes the choice significantly easier! But to achieve a design that 1) matches your image, and 2) is effective, you need to be able to customise it easily


You choose your design (known as a theme) based on different criteria such as your software version, your colours, your industry, the price etc. Please note that you have to pay for all PrestaShop themes. Once you have selected and integrated your design, you customise it by “playing” with the source code.
(!) In the PrestaShop theme library, tick the “Responsive” box to take advantage of a mobile-compatible theme.


You also choose your design here based on multiple criteria such as the dominant colour or the industry, this is in the free version (the design library is included in all subscriptions). The major difference compared to PrestaShop: once your design is selected, you can easily customise it with a really intuitive interface. No design knowledge is needed to update your site during the important moments of the year.
(!) The mobile version can be activated directly from the back office and is almost completely customisable.


A product catalogue showcased by my site

PrestaShop and NewOxatis provide you with all the tools you need to effectively manage your product catalogue, in accordance with online buyers’ expectations and good e-commerce practice. The aim: to allow you to increase your sales and your average shopping cart!

In practice, you organise your categories and brands, present your products (and their variations) in a convincing way, insert images and videos, point out technical features, manage stock, display your prices, set your promotions, offer cross-selling etc.

cacatoes website


The platform offers a multitude of modules – which are paid for – to customise and configure product sheets depending on the specific nature of your catalogue. Be aware of the compatibility between modules made by third-party companies as it is not guaranteed.


By default, the solution includes all the essential catalogue features, and offers “ready-to-use” and customisable goods sheets: a complete toolbox, immediately available to you.

Product distribution

Distributing my products on marketplaces and comparators

You must be visible online to attract qualified visitors to your site, i.e. those who are potentially interested in your products. The pages of your site must be well positioned in Google. Here we are talking about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Whether it’s PrestaShop or NewOxatis, both solutions meet the technical requirements of search engines (understood as Google here, even if, we agree, it’s not the only one). You will always find comments related to sites’ “supposed SEO problems”. Be careful, good SEO of your products in search engines also depends on your content (in short, all the text that you will write for your site) and the popularity of the pages (i.e. the links to your site and shares on social networks).

shoe marketplace

Both solutions have the main features to manage your SEO tags, URLs and other sitemap… The only difference is that NewOxatis optimises and manages these components automatically.

Sell your products anywhere using the customer acquisition channels available to you. The objective: to increase your catalogue’s visibility and generate more sales.
To do this:

check_box Take advantage of the reputation of marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay, and price comparators such as Google Shopping,
check_boxCreate a link with your community on Facebook and Instagram social networks,
check_boxRetain customers with email campaigns and SMS,
check_boxShow off your expertise and your products and services on your blog.


All these acquisition sources are provided via the integration of additional, paid modules.


You can leverage each of these channels by activating them (independently of each other) from the back office. Depending on your needs, the platform also enables you to extend the distribution of your catalogue to new channels, through additional apps (see the App store) and/or arranged partnerships with flow managers (such as Iziflux and Shoppingfeed).

Selling to businesses (B2B)

Selling my products to businesses (B2B)

Do you also deal with businesses? Think about the features linked to B2B sales such as:

check_boxSetting up specific delivery conditions,
check_boxApplying specific pricing rules for each customer,
check_boxManaging quotes,
check_boxConfiguring a multi-price catalogue,
check_boxPersonalised access to customer accounts,
check_boxPre-ordering products,


About fifty paid modules are for B2B.


All the features needed to implement your business sales strategy are included. And it you want to go even further, you have the entire NewOxatis ecosystem with specialist B2B apps, partners and experts (see the App store).

Selling my products internationally

Do you sell internationally? Whatever the countries, languages or currencies you sell in, there are two pieces of advice:
1. Consolidate your business as much as possible
2. Provide payment and delivery methods that are suitable, on one hand, internationally and on the other, for local consumers’ expectations.


The platform is not natively totally multilingual: you have a default language and currency, then you download the ones you want to add to your site.


You can activate, natively, a multilingual (up to 8 languages available) and multi-currency (26 currencies by default) e-commerce site. Another major advantage: you have a single administrative interface and a site available for each area covered, with a specific domain name, language, currency and pricing policy.

Conversion & retention

A great wealth of functionality to convert and retain your customers

Conversion, otherwise known as the ultimate goal of your e-commerce business! Your role is to acquire visitors, turn them into customers, and make them recommend you!

To succeed in this approach, there is nothing better than marketing tools:
check_boxpromotions by product/event/order amount/customer type etc.
check_boxflash sales,
check_boxa loyalty and sponsorship programme,
check_boxpromotional newsletters or emails to visitors who have abandoned their shopping cart along the way,
check_boxyour customers’ reviews about your site and your products


Paid marketing tools on PrestaShop.


Marketing tools included in the subscription, directly available and activable (in one or two clicks).
Payment & delivery

A wide range of payment and delivery methods

PrestaShop and NewOxatis also provide you with all the tools you need to manage your sales: order system, delivery methods, payment methods and shipping management.

Meet the needs of your customers
Make sure you integrate your customers’ preferred delivery methods into your online store: home delivery, office delivery, at a collection point, click-and-collect (pickup in store) or a fixed delivery time, and even express delivery etc. Same for the payment methods: card, cheque, electronic wallet (like PayPal), mobile payment, direct debit, payment in instalments etc.


You will find all of these delivery and payment methods to download and set up in the module library.


You activate the delivery and payment methods directly from the back office (everything is already installed).

Please note that NewOxatis also secures transactions made on your site by combining the 3D Secure standard (managed by your payment system) with an SSL certificate and HTTPS protocol (these two give you the small green padlock on your site: it’s reassuring for your customers, and on top of that, Google likes it!). On PrestaShop, consider purchasing and setting up the corresponding modules.


A definite increase in productivity

Your core business is sales. Your e-commerce site needs to increase your productivity and not waste your time on technical aspects.

Case n°1 – Is your site your only selling channel and does your catalogue have hundreds or thousands of products? To effectively manage updating your goods database, not waste time and minimise (inevitable) errors, you will use a tool that allows you to update your goods data simply and automatically and that works through a text or Excel file.

Such a feature, which is paid for on PrestaShop, is included natively on the NewOxatis platform. In addition to updating catalogue information, it allows you to manage order and customer data.

Case n° 2 – Is your site an additional distribution channel and do you use business management software within your company/store?
Synchronise these 2 tools to manage your business centrally. The benefits to be gained:
check_boxTime savings (duplicate entries between the two are removed)
check_boxReliable and secure data transfers
check_boxIncreased customer satisfaction thanks to real-time synchronisation of your goods, customer and invoice databases etc.


To connect your e-commerce to your ERP, select THE connection module that matches your ERP software. Note: this module must be compatible with your PrestaShop version, and with the modules that you have already downloaded. It must also meet the needs that you will have defined in terms of data synchronisation.


The platform is 100% compatible with the largest management software publishers such as Sage, Cegid, Wavesoft, Lundi Matin Business and EBP. Are you using another ERP? Don’t worry! NewOxatis has developed technology that provides customised solutions based on the specific nature of your business. With NewOxatis connectors you manage your e-commerce site from your business management software. Goods, customers, orders and stock are synchronised and always up to date on each computer system.

A 100% secure, effective site, every day

For your site to operate smoothly it is essential it performs. But what exactly do we mean by “performs”?

Firstly: the availability and security of your website.

The availability of your site is the fact that it is accessible to your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of the time of year. Imagine the loss of earnings and your customers’ dissatisfaction if your site is not available during the Black Friday rush or the first day of the sales! In addition to this maximum accessibility, the speed at which pages are displayed must also be taken into account. It must be only a few seconds, otherwise users may abandon their visit.

The security relates to the protection of your business and your customers’ data. It must be optimum to prevent malicious third parties from accessing your sensitive and confidential information.

These two challenges depend on the quality of your site’s hosting infrastructure. I suggest you search on Google for the technical, maintenance and security problems found with each of the 2 solutions… It’s enlightening!


Remember, you manage the hosting of your site yourself. Pay attention to the level of service and equipment offered by the service provider you choose: what type of infrastructure do they use?; How is monitoring managed?; What security measures do they put in place? etc.


On the contrary, hosting is included in your subscription. You don’t have to worry; everything is managed for you. The platform benefits from a 99.96% accessibility rate thanks to a powerful and flexible infrastructure. Another advantage: a team of engineers and network experts take care of managing it and updating its systems and software, as well as 24/7 monitoring. NewOxatis is also responsible for securing the hosting servers and data protection. Back office and data security protocols, Cloudflare for DNS management and encrypted customer passwords are all essential security factors managed by NewOxatis.

The second factor included in performance is functional updates.

Analysis: the web and e-commerce environment is constantly evolving. As too are consumer expectations. To list just a few examples of these developments, we have seen an explosion in the use of smartphones, the application of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), an increased requirement for simplified ordering processes, the popular click-and-collect…

To respond to these changes, your site needs to adapt, and develop functionally, but how?


You continuously monitor the market and your competitors to develop the perfect environment for your customers. To do this, you search for the add-on module which will meet this new need and you install it (or you ask your web agency to buy it and install it for you) making sure there are no compatibility issues with your other modules. Pay attention to the module’s rating as well as the number of downloads to judge the module’s quality and durability.


The teams are responsible for the technical implementation and monitoring of each development. The functional updates are then implemented on your site in a way that is totally transparent to you.
Back office

Getting started with your administrative interface

The back office, or administrative interface, is your site’s control centre. It groups your products, your customers and their orders, all the features of your site and its statistics. This is where you will manage your business. Be aware that not all back offices are intuitive.


At first sight the PrestaShop back office seems complex with its many options and different views. However, its design makes it a relatively simple tool to use after getting familiar with it. You can access your site’s settings and native features through the left-hand side menu. It’s also through this menu that you configure the different modules downloaded from the PrestaShop library. On your back office’s homepage you can see the main business data for your online store (traffic, sales, average shopping cart etc.).


The NewOxatis back office is designed for quick learning and intuitive use. The aim: to facilitate the roll-out of the site and the management of the business for both beginner and seasoned e-merchants. You navigate between the different features and settings of your store using a horizontal drop-down menu. You can customise the display of your back office homepage as you wish: shortcuts to the features you use most, your site’s performance (traffic, sales, orders, customers etc.), task planning, etc. You can even configure a different dashboard depending on the user account connected to the back office.

Choose the right platform


Our views on ‘PrestaShop or NewOxatis? PrestaShop is a technical platform with a community which enhances the solution and constantly offers new, paid products. You will use an agency to put the site online and develop it. The agency will be in charge of providing you with a quote based on your needs. You will be invoiced again each time you make functional changes or updates etc.


Our views on ‘NewOxatis or PrestaShop’? NewOxatis is an effective platform created for merchants. Access to the solution is subject to a subscription (starting from €39/month, commitment-free, no commission). You have access to all of the platform’s features to create your site and grow your business independently, if you wish.

Do you still have questions following this comparison?