Distribute your product catalogue

Take full advantage of a feed manager directly integrated into your e-commerce solution. Access more than 2,000 distribution channels in more than 40 countries!

Take advantage of the visibility offered by leaders to gain market share, productivity and improve your ROI!

Optimisation of product data, connection to marketplaces (e.g. Amazon, eBay, La Redoute, Mano Mano), connection to acquisition levers (e.g. Google Shopping, Facebook, Instagram), competitive intelligence, repricing etc. In other words, you will manage the entire distribution of your catalogue on distribution networks from a single dedicated interface.

Price comparators


Connections in + 40 countries

3 000 connected shops

integrated feed manager

3 good reasons to choose the integrated feed manager 

An immediate increase in your sales

You address a larger market, by expanding your catalogue distribution.

Optimal management of your marketing budget

  • Set your marketing budget by network, network group, product, product group, or according to a specific configuration.
  • Limit your marketing costs based on your product performance.
  • Optimise your ‘product’ data to better meet your customers’ needs and reduce your costs (e.g. CPC, CPO).

Guarantee of staying competitive

Manage your stock and prices by analysing the positioning of your products on the market.

Automate and control your network activity with high-performance features

You manage your product catalogue distribution, all while keeping an eye on the competition!

Price extraction

Optimise your marketing strategy by looking at your competitors’ prices!

Dynamic pricing

The prices of your products are dynamically adjusted according to your competition, your margins and the turnover objectives that you have defined.

Dynamic repricing

The prices of your products evolve automatically according to the analysis of market prices.

Optimisation and enrichment of product data

Regardless of the complexity of your arborescence or the richness of your catalogue, your product data is analysed and optimised for:

  • A reduction in your marketing costs (CPC, CPO…)
  • An increase in your conversions thanks to the relevance of your product information.
  • Optimal distribution of your products on the networks
  • A better positioning of your products on search engines
  • An increase in cross-selling and up-selling

Manage your business from a comprehensive interface

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Processing speed

Feed updates are performed every minute. Changes and analysis are processed and displayed in real time.

Pre-configured modules

Pre-configured modules allow you to adjust your Dynamic Pricing.  

Import & Export

Import and export prices with the API and pre-configured ERP connections in CSV, XML, YML formats via FTP(s) or HTTP(s) etc.

Compatible interfaces

Stock and availability, stock alert, decimal quantities, promote items, personalised stickers..

diffusion interface multichannel

Real performance

On average, our customers see an average ROI of 48.6%. Do what they do, address more customers, internationally export your products and take advantage of the opportunity to develop your brand in a new market. 

Optimise your marketing strategy by looking at your competitors’ prices!

Adjust the price and availability of your products according to your competitors’ positioning. An effective way to gain a better understanding of the market and to set up precise network control.

Real-time analysis

Regular updates of ‘price’ and ‘availability’ product information. You measure the positioning of your service offering and that of your competitors.

Trend monitoring

Analysis of past pricing history and availability of your products to anticipate future trends.


Price revaluation

Create a dynamic price revaluation strategy and predict your competitors’ actions.



Stay informed, by email or SMS, of any fluctuations in the market (price, availability etc.).

Enjoy customised support

From your project audit to the configuration and launch of your feeds, you receive complete support.

A dedicated Account Manager
  • Analysis & launch of your project
  • Personalised training
  • Configuration and launch of the feed
Technical and marketing support
  • International e-marketing experts.
  • Developers specialised in each marketplace.
  • Specialists in budgets strategy (supply, tariffs, distribution).


A reactive support

Market experts answer you every day by e-mail and telephone.

Price comparators


Product Ads



200+ price comparators

  • Custom workflow: customising your import and export feeds (see frequency of customisable feed updates)
  • Activate/deactivate products: control your product activation depending on their performance (sales, clicks etc.).
  • Optimised feeds: configure your feeds for better SEO on networks.
  • In-depth analysis: analyse and monitor your performance indicators in real time (and historical statistical data).
  • A/B Testing: define your own control modules to test, compare and optimise your performance!

50+ marketplaces

  • Fully integrated interface: efficient connection to marketplaces and regular updates of your interfaces.
  • Matching and speed: mapping categories and quickly importing your products.
  • Product information management: automatic optimisation of product data.
  • Improved data: data optimisation, provision of network-specific information (attributes, goals, variations and product details).
  • Order Management System (OMS): creation of an order status report.

Product Ads

Manage your product catalogue directly on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Bing Ads etc. You benefit from the effectiveness of the most developed types of advertising/targeting on the e-commerce market.

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With operators such as Awin or Affilinet you access a global affiliate marketing network, a foolproof way to develop your online business.

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You will grow your online business with the best advertising technology solutions: Criteo, Nextperf, Ligatus etc.

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