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Sell to Professionals

Develop your B2B business with features dedicated to selling to professionals.

Create a Successful B2B Website

Do you want to digitise your product catalogue and offer a new tool for placing orders to improve your customer’s experience and win some new ones? Take advantage of the business potential of B2B e-commerce.

Personalisation of the customer experience

Benefit from great flexibility in your catalogue display: site open or closed to the public, prices shown with or without VAT depending on the category of users etc.

Respect for commercial policy

Adjust your business customers’ account according to the specific nature of your line of business and your commercial negotiations.

Additional sales channel

Digitise your business by offering an additional sales channel, online sales. Give your customers the opportunity to order online.

Increase in productivity & reduction in costs

Offer a new ordering tool to your sales representatives to avoid re-entry or connect your e-commerce site to your business management software to run your business from your ERP.

Everything you Need to Create a Successful B2B Strategy

The Guarantee of an Optimal Customer Experience

From onboarding to check-out, offer a unique experience to each one of your customers: personalised fields in the customer record, limited catalogue according to the types of users, setting up linked items, pre-ordering, payment on account etc.

Personalised Price Management

Give your customers the possibility of finding all of their pricing conditions: quantity or volume discounts, up to 10 price plan categories, exceptional rates, priority discount management, cascading discounts, manage customers’ outstanding invoices etc.

An Additional Sales Channel

Increase your turnover by sharing your product catalogue online and allowing your customers to order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Do you also want to sell on mobile? This is also possible with the New Oxatis solution.

Dedicated B2B Features & Services

Benefit from the rich ecosystem of applications, partners and experts: specific apps for selling to professionals, adapted shipping methods according to the customer category or packaging; experts who assist you in your design and SEO projects while respecting B2B good practice.

Quicker Order Taking

Allow your customers or your sales force to place an order easily: inputting of remote orders, orders by item codes, duplication of existing orders, connection via the product sheet, Drag & Drop XLS etc.

Centralised Management

Automatically synchronise your items, customers, stock and orders between your e-commerce site and your ERP. Due to the automation of administrative procedures, you can achieve significant productivity gains.

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Already Doing B2C e-Commerce & Want to Take Advantage of the full Potential of B2B e-Commerce?

All the features to develop your sales strategy and target professionals 

To effectively respond to the specifics of intercompany business, the New Oxatis platform integrates all the necessary e-commerce features to implement your B2B strategy: from managing rate categories to customers’ outstanding invoices and terms of payment, including remote orders or quote management.

Our ecosystem of apps dedicated to selling to professionals allows you to go even further in developing your B2B site.

Discover our Platform’s Key Features to Sell to Professionals & Grow your Business

A website for both professionals and consumers with access and display designed for each target. You offer a dedicated site with a specific graphic design and domain name for professionals. As soon as he registers, your professional customer will be offered the services and prices corresponding to him.

Take advantage of payment methods for your business customers, delivery methods optimised for business sales and powerful marketing tools to boost your sales.

Discover how to:
Build and manage your site

 Customise your website

Operate your site 

Questions & Answers

The most frequently asked questions to our e-commerce experts.

Can I offer different items (different prices) or different catalogues depending on the type of logged on customer?

The New Oxatis solution allows you to use multi-pricing to offer different prices depending on the category of the user logged onto the site. Each item can have up to 10 rates and depending on the settings in place, certain items can be hidden from one price list and shown in another.

Do you manage packaging and multi packaging?

Natively the solution doesn’t allow you to hide menus or item categories but than can be done with bespoke development.

I want a closed site with login required. Is that possible?

The solution natively allows you to block pages including the home page. We have developed apps dedicated to B2B to facilitate site blocking and customer identification.

Do you manage multi piece shipments and/or multiple warehouses?

Currently not, but Multi piece shipments are currently under review!

Do you have an order entry module for field sales representatives with KPIs?

The solution offers a remote entry interface for sales representatives. Each order will be linked to one sales representative and it is therefore easy to trace KPIs.

Do you offer a quick order functionality by product code?

Yes, the App – Order by SKU is designed to save customers time by using ‘item code’ order entry.

Is it possible for my customers to order via csv file?

The platform does not offer it natively but we have already carried out this type of custom development for B2B customers.

Can I display the catalogue in "list" mode without an image?

Yes, the New Oxatis platform offers a catalogue layout tool where each element can be displayed/hidden.

I would like the pricing display to be clear (excluding VAT for B2B and including VAT for B2C). Is this possible?

We offer the App – Inc. VAT or Ex. VAT label which meets this need. Depending on the customer’s price category, the Apps will display the corresponding label.

NB: The App – Inc. VAT or Ex. VAT label allows both prices to be displayed on the site.

My business model is based on quotes. Do you offer this functionality? Will it be possible to export them to my ERP?

The request for quotation is a native feature. Quotes can be exported to your ERP via the connector. Quotes can also be transformed into orders in the back office.

I do not want the prices of the items to be displayed on the site (just a link to an information request form). Is this possible?

The multi-price feature allows you to display no price according to the category of the connected customer or no price at all. The App – ‘Product Contact Form’ makes it easy to get in touch by adding a form directly on your product pages.

I would like to display recommended retail prices on items. How can I do this?

The New Oxatis platform makes it possible to set up barred prices very quickly. The App – ‘Recommended Retail Price’ allows you to go further and display the “Recommended Retail Price” mention. The public price can be retrieved from a price list or from a characteristic associated with the product.

Some of my clients have accounts with my company. Can they choose their payment method (credit card or on due date)?

The platform allows you to qualify a customer as an “account customer”. Thus no means of payment will be offered to him. It is also possible to offer payment methods to registered customers. The connector can even take into account the control of the outstanding amount entered in the ERP to propose different payment methods according to defined criteria.

Some of my clients have accounts with my company. Can they choose their payment method (credit card or on due date)?

The platform allows you to qualify a customer as an “account customer”. Thus no means of payment will be offered to him. It is also possible to offer payment methods to registered customers. The connector can even take into account the control of the outstanding amount entered in the ERP to propose different payment methods according to defined criteria.

My site is intended for subsidiaries of a group. I would like the purchasing supervisor to access all the group's orders, how do I do this?

Customers can connect to the site via a single email address but also via a customer ID / email address combination. This way the buyer supervisors have a view of all their buyers’ orders.

I sell assembled articles. I would like to manage the stock of the components so that the end customer can select the variations of the articles he needs. Is this possible?

The platform allows you to sell packs in which the stock of each component is managed individually.

We offer 2 Apps that allow you to display the pack details and to configure the packs.

I would like my account managers to be able to have a quick order recording interface. Do you offer this functionality?

Yes, the New Oxatis platform offers the MOTO (Mail order – Telephone order). This functionality allows you to enter orders very quickly from the back office. Associated with the deferred payment method by email, this functionality is very much used in B2B to limit access.

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