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Take advantage of the potential of e-commerce to develop your business: in this guide, discover the best practices and growth levers to apply on your site.

THE guide for an effective e-Commerce site

All the good practice to succeed online

Among the major challenges for businesses, Pure Players and Click and Mortars, the performance of their site is a strategic issue.

To ensure the profitability of their investments and online business, e-merchants define their web strategy by answering key questions: how do you convert visitors into buyers? ; what tools should be put in place to find new customers? ; what revenue should be applied to increase their spending? ; or how to retain them?

Alongside these strategic questions, it seems essential for e-merchants to closely follow e-commerce trends and innovations, such as changes in e-buyers’ behaviour.

The goal: on one hand, to guarantee the best conditions at start up, and on the other hand to effectively develop their business.

To help you achieve this goal, in this guide discover the good practice inspired by top performing e-commerce sites, as well as the essential growth levers to activate at different stages of your website’s life cycle.

  • Creation: launch your site in the best conditions
  • Redesign and migration: successfully transform your site and improve its performance
  • Acquisition: attract more potential customers
  • Conversion: turn your visitors into buyers
  • Regulatory compliance: reassure consumers
  • Average Order Value: augmenter les dépenses de vos clients [no content – to create]
  • Loyalty: encourage your account customers to buy regularly
  • e-Commerce KPIs : improve your return on investment

For 20 years Oxatis teams have assisted in the e-commerce development of several thousand companies. The advice and good practice from this guide are the result of this experience and our business expertise, from a range of 21 different business sectors (from the world of fashion to that of household goods, including sport, industry, beauty and even professional equipment)..


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2021: create ads on Instagram!

2021: create ads on Instagram!

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How much does an e-commerce site cost in 2021?

How much does an e-commerce site cost in 2021?

The price of a website depends on your ambitions. If you want to compete with the biggest players, you will have to have the means to match your ambitions.
Think in terms of return on investment.

Why optimise the local SEO of your e-commerce site?

Why optimise the local SEO of your e-commerce site?

In order to increase your ranking in local searches, you need to give some details to Google using microformats. These are enriched tags that allow search engines to better understand the structure of your site, to better position you.

Increase your conversion rate with highly effective product sheets

Increase your conversion rate with highly effective product sheets

Your e-commerce website drives traffic but the impact on turnover and conversions is not exponential. This is normal. You’re only halfway to converting like never before. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes: they came to your site because they are interested in your offer. You’ve made sure you have a clear navigation that takes them directly to where they want to go: to the product page. Here’s what you need to achieve: when a visitor arrives on your product page, they are just one click away from ordering.

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